Monday, August 15, 2011


I recently found these photos while going through boxes, they were from a trip/job, where I was living in Hawaii for about 6 months...fukin sweet. Not only living there, but i was kind of a big shot, calling shots, makin calls, naming names. The coolest thing about it, was I was working with some of the biggest surf legends. (Brian Keaulana, his dad, Buff, Mel Pu'u, Terry Ahue, Dennis Kalama, Brock Little and Derrick Doerner). We were shooting a "ride" film for IMAX so the people in Iowa could get the sensation of riding a wave. The best part of it is, we had it rigged up so that if you dropped in on anyone, while riding this 'imaginary wave," you would get punched in the face by a big Hawaiian...Welcome to Hawaii, Haole.
Photos of Mel- clowning, The Water Patrol wrapping it up. Sunset at Sunset (Derrick and Mel)

THe above is a joke- please don't get pissed...I would do the same thing if you dropped in on me at the spot.