Saturday, November 27, 2010

SWED- EN JUICY..get it?

New Hot Curl Owner Daniel sent me these videos that he and his friend Jakob shot..Fukin cool stuff..they seem to have a lot of stoke and they sure have fun. I am still waiting for this kind of gloomy weather to remove all the fair weather surfers from our spot. Check this out.
I am going to plan a trip to Sweden, hope we can get a bunch of guy to go, show up one day, rush the spot and freak them out...Thanks, Daniel.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Again, I've missed the window. I got soggy leftovers, sloppy drool. I went in the rain, thinking that it could've been the small opening that makes a session that I could talk about for a few weeks.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


My auction ends, I get an email from a guy in Sweden saying that he was interested in my board, or boards. He wants them sent to Sweden? We email back and forth regarding the hassle of packing and shipping. At first, I thought he was going to say that he would be traveling to LA and he would like to pick them up..I tell him that I was hesitant, really because I thought he was pulling my leg..I mean who surfs in Sweden? Daniel does...we start chatting and he sends me some pics from his home-break, that he surfs almost 200 days a year. Faaacck...he surfs more than I do and he lives in Sweden. He seemed like a really cool guy, but I still give him the rundown that I won't ship boards until I get the money and it has cleared. I bring the boards down to BING, which is now factory down in Carson. I have to arrange a special Saturday meeting, so they can be packed before the shipper (MAP CARGO) picks them up. Anyone needing or wanting to ship a board overseas, should have these guys take care of it, they packed the boards unreal, arranged for the shipper to pick up and took care of the international waybill...a whole bunch of stuff that would make doing these type of shipments a total pain in the ass, made it totally painless.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I needed to lighten my load, unload a few boards..times are tough and I have not been surfing these boards. I tried to get in the mindset that someone who was going to use them, should have them. I listed them on an auction site for awhile, probably too high of a price because I didn't get much action. Then a few calls from interested looky-loos wanting me to do all the leg work. "Not interested," I'd say, to many demands. Then I'd list them at a reasonable price and the demands got more insane. I tried once more, thinking I'd try to give people the benefit of the doubt, which is rare for me. The auction ended, I figured, fuck it...I'll keep em....45 minutes later, I get an email from a guy claiming he's from Sweden, wanting my boards. Yeah, right... Here's a pic of the girls- 1967 G&S Hot Curls.