Thursday, April 1, 2010


A real shit week..or two for that matter. I've had to actually work at my job, raising my voice, to people that could actually fire me. Explaining how I think that the reasons plainly spelled out for them could keep them out of jail. Then, there was the phone call from a friend in Hawaii, telling me that a mutual friend's son had passed away. Let's just say his name was
"Mele- Kaliki-Maka-Kekia." It got me really bummed out, was pretty friendly with him, felt bad about a father losing his son, since I'm a father too. Then, around 5:00pm, I got a call from the friend who called me earlier to report the other friend's son's death, telling me, " Hey Jonas, it wasn't "Mele-Kaliki-Maka-Kekia" after all, but another person named, "Mele-Kaliki-Maka-Kekia." I said to my friend of the friend's father whose son I thought had died, " Thats gotta be a first in Hawaii, two people named the exact same thing, same spelling, from the same place in Kailua?" So anyway, my friend's son didn't die...but he's still got a problem with meth, so maybe he'll see this as a wakeup call.
My stepmother wants me to come over to her house for Easter, but I don't like her anymore.
Had Facet injections in my back today, probably from taking to many OCEAN PARK closeout tubes and eating sand.
Ocean Park- summer 2000

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