Thursday, January 27, 2011


Had a family vacation to Yosemite over the New Year. It was one of those I was dreading, thoughts of crowded Disneyland, witing in lines to look at stuff and eating cold food. Then nthe strangest thing happened as we were driving up the Grapevine, it got really dark and cold..rainy. We heard news on the radio that the Grapvine was closed, yet we already passed through. So we beat that one, but as we were approaching the hotel, which is in Fish Camp, the CHP motioned us over to put on chains. I was only a mile from the hotel, but I was in a rental, so I didn't dare fuck that up. As I got up from under the car, I could see this line about a mile long of people putting on chains behind us. I asked the CHP what was going on, he told me that there had been a 17 car pile up and the highway was closed. I asked if anyone was hurt, he said no, just people that were not familiar with snow conditions. I muttered to myself, "Fukin sweet!" I knew that the park would be empty for at least a day. It snowed all night- 4 feet, and the park was empty all week..not sure why, but when was the last time you went to Yosemite and there was no one there?

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