Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some other people may have touched on this topic before, so excuse me if so... I'm only a few months into this circle..blogging. Does a surf session that was fun to the surfer, mean it was good? I've walked up the boardwalk many times these last few months and people ask, "How was it?" Honestly, it was shitty...but I had fun...since I've been out of the water a lot this year, most of my sessions have been fun. So, when I respond, "it was fun." Does that mean it was good? Everyone else walks up the boardwalk and into the parking lot grumbling and pissing..saying how crappy it was....yeah, its a given. The real question is, "did you have fun?"


  1. A lot of times conditions are not that great, but it turns out to be fun session. Which I like.